A Star on the Baltic Sea

Om färjor med fokus på fartyg och trafik.

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Re: A Star on the Baltic Sea

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I like star actually. Isnt she a half sister of XPRS? I think a Star like arrangement of 2 trailer decks would have been better for the XPRS. I think VL made a lot of mistakes when they ordered the XPRS. A ship I otherwise like a lot. However they would need ship nr two in order to compete fornthe freight. Would help them a lot.

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Re: A Star on the Baltic Sea

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Hi! Tomorrow morning I will travel with Star to Tallin at 7.30 and come back 12.30.We will see what they will do?They have different plans,but
really suprise how much cargo,for tomorrow at 7.30 the car deck is fully booked with trucks and trailers!Passengers which are going for shopping
are not allowed to take the car with them.
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